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March 26, 2018

Judas Priest Live Review

Judas Priest is one of those bands that has been around forever and has undergone a few lineup changes – but still stands the test of time- kicking major ass and bringing the god-damn thunder to every concert...


February 2, 2021

Press Release

Garden of Life® Launches New Baby Vitamins to Provide Optimum Wellness for Little Bundles of Joy...


June 1, 2018

Where Are All The Women?

When Ana Centina walks into a freelancing job as a sound engineer, she is greeted with stares by colleagues who were expecting a man to do the job, rather than a woman...


April 25, 2018

Letter To The Class of 2018

People often say that every college has its own unique culture. However, we all know that American University takes that to a whole new level. There is no way to describe the atmosphere to those outside of this school...

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November 5, 2019

The Chainsmokers & 5SOS Live Review

Fans swarmed to Brooklyn recently to watch Lennon Stella, 5 Seconds of Summer and the Chainsmokers perform at the Barclays Center for a night full of perfectly performed songs, lasers and lots of theatrics...